An organisation committed towards providing Inclusive Education for the specially-abled.


SANKALPA is a non-profit organization that aims to equip & empower every child who is afflicted with developmental disabilities from any spectrum of life. We strive to help them learn and grow to become independent individuals to support themselves in the future.

Our vision is to

prepare every disabled

child to lead an

independent and

meaningful life with

skills that we aim to

teach them.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs act like our Bible and provide a roadmap for a more sustainable and equitable world for all. It helps with monitoring progress toward sustainable development, allowing for course corrections and improvements as needed.
Monitoring SDG progress helps identify gaps and challenges in achieving sustainable development.
SDG monitoring can help ensure accountability and transparency among governments, organizations, and individuals.



Together, we have the power to alleviate hunger, eradicate diseases, and provide every individual worldwide with the opportunity to thrive and lead a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Education is vital for prosperity, offering opportunities for active participation in society. Access to learning is a universal right that benefits all and should be available to everyone.

Gender equality is crucial for a peaceful and prosperous world, impacting areas such as poverty reduction, health promotion, education, and well-being for both girls and boys.

The global Good Health initiative promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive actions, accessible healthcare, affordability, innovative technologies, and community engagement to enhance health outcomes for all.

Enhance education, raise awareness, and strengthen human and institutional capabilities regarding climate change mitigation, adaptation, reducing impacts, and providing early warnings.